Inner Game of Selling with Jeffrey Lipsius

Inner Game of Selling in COACH CAFÉ with Jeffrey Lipsius. Well known author of Selling To The Point book facilitates workshops, keynotes and consults for clients with Timothy Gallwey. Jeff supports sales leaders to employ Inner Game principles for peak selling performance. Let us enjoy our ZOOM and Clubhouse discussions.

6.5.2021 at 7:30PM CEST in ZOOM (333 222 1966) and at 9PM CEST in Clubhouse.

COACH CAFÉ is meant as a chat for anybody who is interested in coaching and would like to meet and discuss. I like the idea of a café or pub where a group of friends from the “club” meet and chat over coffee or other drinks. I do not mean “business or lecture” meeting, just a free chat about anything connected with coaching. To open the floor I have a few questions for Jeff, but then the rest is on you:-).

We plan to stay for one hour, but if the discussion flows, we can enjoy up to 90 minutes.